Sponsored Does Medicare really have you covered?

Does Medicare really have you covered?

Half of all Aussie patients are stuck on public hospital waiting lists for more than a month. Photo: Health Insurance Comparison
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In Australia, we’re under the impression that Medicare provides us with a health safety net.

But what happens when that safety net has a big hole in it?

That’s the case when you get stuck on a public hospital waiting list.

While nobody wants to undergo surgery, it can change your life for the better.

But in the public system, demand for services is high, which means that your life-changing surgery may have to wait.

If you’ve ever waited months for a medical procedure to improve your quality of life, you know how lonely and frustrating the process can be.

The endless waiting and lack of answers just aren’t good enough for many Aussies.

HealthInsuranceComparison.com.au gives Australians the tools to compare health cover quickly and easily, so they don’t wait a minute longer than they have to.

It’s a free online service that helps you find a better deal on health insurance.

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Statistics show that 50 per cent of all patients in Australia wait more than one month for an elective hospital procedure.

Remember that ‘elective’ simply means that the surgery isn’t urgent – the patient may still be suffering or in pain.

To make matters worse, 10 per cent of those patients wait for more than six months.

And let’s say you have to move interstate while you’re on an elective surgery waiting list.

After all, life happens, especially over the course of months or years.

Surely you can transfer to a new waiting list and hold your position, right?


When you move to a new state, your position on the waiting list does not move with you. Instead, you’ll have to start over at the back of the line.

If this seems unfair, that’s because it is.

Not only do you have to wait for referrals and appointments, bouncing from doctor to doctor, you also have to wait for the treatment you need.

While Medicare is a good system in many ways, it simply can’t cope with the number of people using it.

With Health Insurance Comparison, you can save money on the cover you want, but you’ll also save time.

When you’ve served any waiting periods on an appropriate level of cover, you can skip the public hospital waiting lists and seek treatment in a private hospital.

What’s more, you’ll get access to a team of health insurance advisers, ready to answer your questions about health insurance.

Too many Australians slip through the net of the public system, and you deserve better.

Enter a few details into the comparison tool below and get started on better health cover today.

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