Sponsored How to choose jeans that suit your body and style

How to choose jeans that suit your body and style

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Nobody goes out for coffee anymore. We go out for an expertly-crafted-by-a-qualified-barista soy milk chai latte or a double-shot macchiato with lactose-free milk. Even the less adventurous among us are drinking skinny decaf cappuccinos with froth-sculpted works of art on top.

And what are we wearing as we savour our tailor-made coffees at the local cafés boasting chia seed protein balls and 5-star reviews? Not just any pair of jeans, no. We’re wearing high-waisted skinny 7/8 jeans or exposed-button skinny crop jeans, or maybe our mid-waisted skinny capri jeans – to name just a few.

Those of us for whom the word ‘skinny’ doesn’t fit into our vocabulary – or our wardrobe – are wearing curve-embracer, butt-lifter or tummy-trimmer jeans, and if we’re opposed to muffin tops spilling over anywhere but in the oven, we are opting for any of the above with the high or mid-waist fit for comfort.

Such is the way of the world today, which is great if we’re lactose intolerant, overweight, insomniac coffee drinkers, and with respect to jeans it’s fantastic because we’re all built differently. We love the fact that despite being long-term insomniacs – who could lose a kilo or two – we can still meet our friends for a damn good skinny decaf soy latte – with a cherry on top if we ask the barista nicely. And it’s equally good that even those of us who are vertically challenged – or have a ‘booty’ – can still find a pair of jeans which we don’t have to hem and yes, we can actually agree that our butt does look good in these!

The designers at Jeanswest must drink a lot of coffee because they’ve created a fabulously diverse range of jean designs to suit every body shape and every fashion style. If hipsters leave us cold, we can opt for the flattering and comfortable mid or high-waisted jeans in every leg style we can think of – skinny, super-skinny, slim, tapered, slim-straight or even wide legs are back in fashion in 2019.

The 7/8 leg length is the best thing ever invented for those of us who don’t fall into the average height category – and those of us who do! If our feet run a mile when we mention ankle length jeans, then we know we can wear a bootcut, slim straight or full-length pair of jeans and we’ll still look fabulous. The less curvaceous among us can rock a pair of boyfriend jeans while maternity jeans are comfortable, practical and super stylish for that special time in our life.

But with so many styles in women’s jeans available at Jeanswest, how do we find the right style to suit our body? It’s easy. If it feels good, it probably looks good. A pair of jeans which fits us well around the waist, the hips and in the legs is going to look good, no matter what the style.

But here’s a tip: when we pop into Jeanswest to buy a new pair of jeans, we should try them on with different shoes to see how they look with various heel heights. And grab a few different tops off the rack to try on with hipster, mid or high-waisted jeans and see how they look too.

And when you’ve found the perfect pair of jeans… yes, it’s time for COFFEE.