Sponsored How to choose the right carpet for your home

How to choose the right carpet for your home

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Carpet never goes out of fashion. It provides your home with insulation and comfort in versatile styles to suit modern or traditional décor. Carpet also comes in a great choice of colours and designs with price tags to suit anybody, but there are a few other important considerations if you want to choose the right carpet for your home.

  1. Carpet Fibre

    While most people are familiar with the pros and cons of wool carpet, today’s progressive textile industry offers a host of synthetic options which compete well with wool. Synthetic fibre carpets can provide equally luxurious looks, as well as enhanced durability with crush, stain, soil and fade resistance. Consider whether your home environment and lifestyle are best suited to wool or synthetic carpets in a luxurious cut pile or a highly resilient loop pile when deciding on the right carpet for your home.

    Many modern carpets are now being designed with sustainability in mind, so if this is important to you look for carpets carrying accreditations such as the ECS (Environmental Certification Scheme) issued under the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS) or similar. Carpet Court suppliers Cavalier Bremworth, Godfrey Hirst, Redbook and more have accreditations for sustainable carpets.

  2. Performance

    Consider your family structure and your home design when choosing a carpet which will perform for years to come in your household. Do you have a busy family with young children and pets? Carpets with a high degree of stain resistance in a resilient loop pile will be best for you. Do you have a modern home with floor to ceiling glass or large windows allowing plenty of sunlight? Look for carpets with excellent fade resistant properties. Are you carpeting a formal lounge which sees minimal foot traffic? A luxurious plush pile carpet will be fine in your formal living areas.

  3. Environment

    Are you living in a cold-climate environment where warm insulation is a must? Natural wool fibres are going to provide the most comfort in your home. A home in a humid, tropical climate will require a carpet resistant to mould, which can withstand moisture and dries quickly when wet. Coastal homes will do well with a loop pile carpet where small particles such as sand can’t penetrate and become trapped as easily as they can in cut pile carpets.

  4. Home design

    If you want carpet to flow seamlessly throughout the living and sleeping areas of your home, look for something like a wool blend carpet which will provide excellent durability and resilience in your living areas, but plenty of warmth and comfort for your bedrooms.

  5. Buy from the experts

    Carpet will provide many years of visually stunning, high performing flooring in your home, as long as you choose the right one. When shopping for carpet try visiting a store where you can rely on excellent advice and information provided by highly knowledgeable and experienced flooring providers. With 210 locally owned and operated Carpet Court stores around Australia, you benefit from their expert local knowledge and friendly, helpful service.