Sponsored Warm weather camping essentials

Warm weather camping essentials

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When spring and summer come around, the best of the outdoors is always on show.

Australians of all ages love spending time in nature or by the water, and the great news is that camping remains simple enough for anyone to enjoy.

Sure, technology has transformed camping potentially forever, and luxury camping is entirely possible, but the essentials remain the same, and all Aussies can get among the action.

Our country is unique, and worth exploring all over. Whether you want to see the magical tropics, pristine beaches, or Central Australian bush with flocks of happy budgerigars, it’s all on show.

It’s also worth understanding that warm weather camping essentials are a top priority for much of the year across Australia. Packing the right gear will ensure your outback adventure is a first-class experience.

Although camping basics remain unchanged, the quality of camp products has improved and accessories now provide amazing camp conveniences.

Many campers have morphed into glampers for good reasons – new products include portable refrigeration, hot water on-demand showers, battery storage devices, solar LED lighting and Bluetooth.

However, in the quest for a funky campsite, you should never overlook essentials that include hydration, protection from the elements, and protection from insects, bugs and creepy crawlies.

Sun protection: Outdoor adventures can be appreciated in all climates and locations, but you need to be prepared with the right apparel and accessories. In hot and humid regions of Australia, the need for sun protection becomes quickly apparent. Your investment in outback gear should include airy, protective clothing, hiking shoes, a broad hat and long-lasting sunblock.

Hydration: Water is essential for survival, and you are bound to get thirsty while spending energy on a hike. Fortunately, a lot has changed since disposal shops were the only outdoor retailers and water bladders the only hydration option. Today, hikers, trekkers and mountaineers often carry hydration packs connected to backpacks, and sip cool water through a straw whenever desired.

Showers and accessories: Warm weather camping essentials include new ways to clean up and cool down. Hot water on demand is entirely possible with lithium battery-powered portable shower systems for temperature-controlled hot water. Old-school solar showers still work fine also. After a long, hot day hanging over a branch, your solar shower will be ready whenever you are.

Cooling: Staying cool is part of the strategy for warm weather camping, and most Australians are familiar with traditional ice-box cooling systems. However, there is a whole new world of possibilities for holiday-makers with foresight and advance planning, and your motorhome or 4WD can be equipped with a fridge/freezer for creating an unbeatable outdoor experience. Whether you enjoy ice-cold beer or ice-cold water at the end of the day, a versatile battery/mains-powered camping fridge/freezer will chill the perfect beverage.

Camp equipment and apparel prices are undoubtedly better than ever, so there really is no excuse for sweating and swatting your way through another summer vacation.

Remember, when buying warm weather camping essentials, always choose quality gear manufactured by name brands, and enjoy outdoor Australia to the max.