Sponsored How laser hair removal can relieve stress and benefit you

How laser hair removal can relieve stress and benefit you

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Life isn’t getting any easier. That’s not a fact, but it is a statement most people under retirement age are most likely to agree with.

Recent surveys do in fact give weight to this statement however.

The results of the ABS National Health Survey 2017-18 found that anxiety-related conditions are on the increase while the Australian Psychological Society’s Stress & Wellbeing Report 2015 indicates that 35 per cent of Australians report having a significant level of distress in their lives and that levels of stress, depression and anxiety are increasing.

Looking for opportunities to build more mindful exercise into our day and removing unnecessary time-wasting tasks can help to alleviate some of those stressful feelings.

Introducing activities that are beneficial to mind and body like 10-minute yoga or meditation, or simply walking instead of driving help to promote an increased feeling of wellbeing and positivity.

A very easy way to create more time in our day and reduce pressure is by choosing a permanent solution to unwanted hair, forever removing the time spent shaving, applying depilatory creams or attending salon appointments for waxing.

Laser hair removal offers significant benefits aside from a permanently smooth and hair-free body.

Not only can we save the countless hours wasted with repeated shaving of our faces and bodies, we can also stop dealing with ingrown hairs, shaving rashes and those annoying razor cuts forever.

While home waxing kits are messy, time-consuming and painful, visiting the salon for regular waxing is expensive and another thing we just don’t have time for.

We need our fit bods to look good and be ready for whatever the day brings, so growing the hair in order to wax it just isn’t convenient.

Depilatory creams are not only risky and damaging to many skin types, this is just another messy process that requires us to schedule time in our already too-busy day.

For all these reasons, people are turning to a laser hair removal as a permanent solution to unwanted hair.

At Clear Skincare clinics right around Australia clients find that just eight to 12 laser treatments scheduled four to six weeks apart is providing them with up to 80 per cent permanent hair reduction and putting more time back into their busy days.

The peace of mind that comes with not having to worry about covering up hairy legs, armpits or bikini lines when warm, sunny days appear is wonderful too.

Guys find they can enjoy the way they look in a singlet without the constant hassle of having to get rid of chest, shoulder or back hair and busy guys who sport the clean-cut look can even laser their top lip and chin to remove the daily chore of shaving.

Compared to a lifetime of paying for other hair removal methods, permanent hair removal by laser is also cost-effective, putting more money back into our household budget.

No more razors, no more creams or waxes – no more hair and lots more time. It’s the way to go.