Sponsored Are you entitled to compensation for an injury or illness?

Are you entitled to compensation for an injury or illness?

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Progressive Australia has always had an enviable reputation for safety, at least compared to many other countries around the world.

Our workplaces adhere to strict health and safety guidelines, and duty of care is expected wherever people gather in public places.

However, injuries still occur too frequently and often suddenly, in the workplace or elsewhere, so it’s worth understanding when you or a loved one may be entitled to compensation for an accident or illness.

The value of legal assistance can’t be overstated to anyone seriously injured.

From the outset, you should consider the benefits of hiring a specialist compensation lawyer to handle your case.

A professional lawyer will shed light on your situation during a complimentary consultation, and advise you of your options moving forward.

With nothing to lose, and everything to gain, you should speak to your compensation lawyer regarding events that include:

  • Work injury or employment compensation claim;
  • Motor vehicle accident claim;
  • Public liability claim;
  • Asbestos disease claim;
  • Victim of assault claim;
  • Medical negligence claim;
  • Coal miners compensation claim;
  • Total & permanent disablement claim.

The above are just some of the dozens of situations where negligence, or a ‘breach of duty of care’ can impact the lives of workers, road users, hospital patients and anyone else.

Life-threatening situations aren’t a daily occurrence for most of us, but when things go wrong and help is needed, Australians expect first-class assistance.

Hospital and medical help is hugely appreciated, but it doesn’t put food on the table, and financial stress can be another huge and unwanted burden while a person is out of work and overcoming injuries.

You may have noticed compensation lawyers offering a ‘no-win no-fee’ service.

The good news is that the ‘no-win no-fee’ promise is the real deal, with accredited specialists such as Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers covering disbursements and other costs while your case is in progress.

Your investment is safe every step of the way, and Taylor & Scott are known as a winning team.

Your compensation lawyer will investigate the case on your behalf.

The service can include:

  • Collecting medical reports and police records;
  • Compiling witness statements and other evidence;
  • Communicating with relevant industry experts;
  • Communicating with insurers and opposing legal teams;
  • Collating and compiling all information into a persuasive document;
  • Advice and assistance during every phase of your compensation claim.

The best compensation lawyers will quickly ascertain if you are entitled to compensation for an injury or illness.

If they believe your claim has reasonable prospects of success, the legal team will commence proceedings on your behalf.

Hopes of a compensation payout shouldn’t be jeopardised by penny-pinching measures.

In any case, most compensation is paid according to set guidelines, and mega-payouts are rare.

An investment in the services of a specialist compensation lawyer will increase the prospects of a successful claim that maximises the compensation which can include:

  • Medical and hospital expenses cover;
  • Ongoing care and assistance;
  • Household and vehicle modifications;
  • Assistance with housework and gardening;
  • Retraining and return to work programs;
  • Lump sum payments for permanent injuries.

You are all entitled to health and safety at home, at work and anywhere else.

But if you are unfortunate enough to sustain an injury or illness, you should seek legal advice from a compensation specialist.