Sponsored Ensure Your Families’ Road Skills Are Up To Scratch

Ensure Your Families’ Road Skills Are Up To Scratch

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Behind the wheel, even the safest drivers are at the mercy of others –  and every situation around them. This is why drivers should always be on the defensive, rather than offensive.

A defensive driving course is an invaluable and essential way to equip drivers of all ages and experience levels with the techniques that provide assertive driving skills for life.

Adrenaline can help put you behind the wheel and on the road to safe and effective driving with professional defensive driving courses throughout Australia.

All of the courses have three aims: Every driver in your family will emerge vastly improved; their self-confidence will soar; and they’ll acquire new skills that they might not realise they had.

Defensive driving courses that Adrenaline offers online are conducted by professional instructors at most motorsport or raceway venues across Australia.

For example, Adrenaline offers the full-day level one defensive driving course at Tabcorp Park Stadium in Melbourne; advanced driver training at Sydney Motorsport Park; a full-day defensive driving course  at Adelaide International Raceway; and skid pan driving lessons with car hire (weekends only) in Brisbane.

To foster workplace safety and as a memorable team-building exercise, corporate groups or motor club enthusiasts could also try the New Generation on-road defensive driver training corporate team day in Sydney. Suitable for groups of up to 30, this specialty defensive driving course, operated by Australian motor racing champion Ian Luff, is designed to improve team culture and driving performance, while meeting occupational health and safety requirements.

All of the programs offered at Adrenaline are oriented towards training beginner drivers through to advanced-driving courses. They teach, or hone, driving skills and ensure your family members are up to scratch on the best techniques for safety, road handling and learning the electronic dynamics of your vehicle.

Defensive driving courses generally comprise a full day of in-depth tuition and loads of practical driving experience. The topics and techniques covered include: a strong focus on braking, accelerating and turns; swerve-and-recover skills; over-steering and under-steering practices; how to avoid, correct and minimise skidding; learning the fine art of cornering; and driving for smoothness and balance.

Vision, both immediate and further ahead, provides the cornerstone for safe, effective and confident driving offered in a defensive driving course.

Drivers in your family will be rewarded for life with innate knowledge of vehicle and driving skills, safety hazards, and exercising sound judgment and foresight on the road.