Sponsored Here’s the secret to getting extras cover without blowing your budget Updated:

Here’s the secret to getting extras cover without blowing your budget

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Extras cover can offer excellent value to policyholders, but only if you use your benefits.

And judging by recent statistics, up to 68 per cent of Australians are missing out on the extras benefits they’re entitled to.

There’s a misconception that extras policies aren’t worth the money, when in fact many policy holders are breaking even each year.

If you’re losing money on your extras policy, then it’s probably time to switch to a better one.

Health Insurance Comparison makes that process quick and easy for Aussies. Here’s how.

Thousands of Australians are using Health Insurance Comparison to find affordable, quality health cover that gives real value for money.

It’s a simple but powerful online service that lets users compare policies from some of Australia’s most trusted insurers. It’s free to use and only takes a few minutes to get a quote.

Aussies like Health Insurance Comparison because of its transparency – you can see exactly what benefits are on offer for the services you’re interested in, and how much your premiums will be.

If you need clarification about anything along the way, you can speak to an expert adviser – that’s the kind of service that helps Aussies make an informed choice about their health cover.

Here’s how you do it

Step 1: Select your current life stage below.

Step 2: Once you select your preferred coverage options, you will have the opportunity to compare quotes from multiple health funds.

Extras … or essentials?

The name ‘extras’ cover is slightly misleading, because extras services could actually be considered essential health services.

Extras cover usually includes those day-to-day services we can’t do without, like visits to the dentist, glasses, chiropractor, physiotherapist, and more.

The Australian Dental Association suggests that Aussies should see a dentist every six to 12 months; sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on your oral health.

While some people are willing to pay the cost out of pocket, it can add up quickly if you have any issues with your teeth or if you have a family.

Dental and optical costs alone often make extras cover worthwhile.

Many policies cover no-gap dental check-ups for each member of the family, as well as cover for glasses or contact lenses each year.

That’s not even considering things like orthodontics or physio appointments, which extras can also help cover.

And don’t forget that you may be able to claim the private health insurance rebate on your extras cover.

Depending on your age and household income, you could get a rebate of up to 33.41 per cent on your premiums.

With Health Insurance Comparison you can compare prices on packaged cover, which sometimes works out cheaper than having a standalone extras + hospital policy.

With an appropriate hospital policy, you’ll also avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge – an additional surcharge on people who earn over a certain income and don’t hold hospital cover.

With so much to consider, allow Health Insurance Comparison to help take the legwork out of understanding and comparing policies.

Just enter a few details and you’ll get a list of extras policies with the features you’re looking for.

It’s a smart way to get the most out of your cover because you’ll only pay for the services you actually use, saving you time and money.