Sponsored Thinking of upskilling your qualifications? Consider these four things

Thinking of upskilling your qualifications? Consider these four things

Here’s what you’ll need to consider if you're planning on retraining or upskilling for the modern workplace. Photo: Getty
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The world of business is changing.

Fast-paced change driven by evolving technology is affecting almost every workplace.

Inexpensive connected devices, wireless technologies, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence have revolutionised the way we work.

Educating yourself on how to navigate these disruptions is now essential.

Here’s what you’ll need to consider if you’re planning on retraining or upskilling for the modern workplace.


You may have a somewhat dusty undergraduate degree but plenty of real-world experience and no time to commit to a full master’s degree. In that case, graduate certificates can be a great starting point.

Specifically designed for busy professionals, they allow you to expand your practical knowledge and keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies that are affecting the world of business.

Studies can often be completed part-time and units are generally offered online, in block mode or held in the evenings to provide maximum flexibility.

Associate Professor Nell Kimberley, Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) at Monash Business School, said the university is constantly studying the needs of working professionals and updating its offering accordingly.

The latest teaching methods

Just like workplaces, the ways that universities work has radically changed in the past few years.

“For example, at Monash we have dramatically changed the way in which our graduate units are offered,” Associate Professor Kimberley says.

“We now have a much more digital style of education.”

These days, common classroom features include tools such as in-class polling through phone apps to make sure you’re keeping up.

But the biggest change is the ‘flipped’ classroom approach. This means you must do all your reading before class, to then be able to apply that knowledge in class exercises.

“Flipped classrooms offer a much more effective style of learning for most people and research shows students experience much better outcomes,” Associate Professor Kimberley says.

The option for further study

One of the most important things about graduate study is knowing whether it will be worth the investment in time and money.

“At Monash, our graduate certificate and diploma qualifications offer a great way to kick-start your graduate study with contemporary, research-led teaching. They also offer a flexible, convenient pathway to our business master’s degrees for those who want to take their studies to the next level,” Associate Professor Kimberley says.

The four-unit Graduate Certificate of Business can be completed in just six months and tailored to suit individual areas of interest, ranging from accounting in business, corporate governance and human resources management to international trade, project management, marketing management and much more.

The eight-unit Graduate Diploma can be completed in 12 months and similarly tailored to provide extended knowledge or specialisation in a key area of business.

The chance to enhance your career opportunities

At Monash Business School, our drive to deliver contemporary, future-focused educational programs will ensure our graduates are future proofed with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the dynamic employment landscape.

The breadth and depth of our graduate study options have the potential to significantly increase your skills and knowledge, ignite a new career direction, or help experienced professionals secure a more senior-level role.

“These courses are really for anybody who holds an undergraduate degree in any field, who is pursuing a career in business and looking for that extra edge,” Associate Professor Kimberley says.

Interested in keeping your skills sharp and your options open, all without giving up your day job?

Find out how you can give your career a boost by doing a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma of Business with Monash Business School.