Sponsored The easy, affordable and ethical way to learn how to cook

The easy, affordable and ethical way to learn how to cook

Learning to cook is a breeze with this service. Photo: Getty
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Whether you’re a student who just moved out of home, a parent teaching a child how to cook, or an adult who burns toast, you might not know where to start when it comes to making a delicious, easy meal for yourself or your household.

The internet is a deep dive of recipes, all with different variations. The supermarket is no easier if you don’t know where to look – or it doesn’t stock your key ingredient.

It’s no wonder many of us opt for nightly takeaways, and struggle to eat healthy, nutritious food.

But there is another way. Meal delivery service Marley Spoon takes the hard work out of cooking and shopping, delivering every ingredient and recipe to your door.

Its meals don’t take long to cook, either – each one will take the average amateur chef half an hour. That frees up time and makes learning to cook a short burst of fun.

The recipe cards are easy to follow.

The step-by-step pictures, instructions and handy hints are another reason why Marley Spoon is perfect for the novice cook.

As well as learning to create tasty and healthy meals, you will also have peace of mind that you’re helping the community.

That’s because all ingredients are sourced locally and selected by the Marley Spoon team, and they’re perfectly portioned for each dish – nothing goes to waste.

Stressing out at the supermarket will be a thing of the past, too.

Everything is delivered to your door at your preferred day and time.

That means saying goodbye to shopping lists, trolleys, parking and cash register queues.

You’re guaranteed to find a recipe to suit everyone’s taste buds, even if you are vegetarian or have allergies.

Marley Spoon has 20 recipes to choose from each week, each one packed full of healthy goodness and made from fresh Aussie ingredients.

What are you waiting for? Try your first box now with $35 off and learn how to cook today.