Sponsored Thinking outside the box: How to avoid grocery shopping and eat great food

Thinking outside the box: How to avoid grocery shopping and eat great food

Cooking, simplified with Marley Spoon Photo: Getty
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Cooking with Marley Spoon means eating sustainably, supporting local businesses, and simplifying dinnertime to give you back the time to enjoy doing what you love.

There are lots of ways we help in the kitchen, but we understand busy people don’t always have the time to explore the many tricks and tips we’ve built into the Marley Spoon experience for you.

We’re juicier than you think

Imagine this – Marley Spoon for dinner, plus snacks and even breakfast juices? Our Fruit Box is jam packed with 3.5 kilograms of locally sourced fruit.

With every box, we’ll feature a special type of fruit.

This could mean something exotic, like mango or pineapple, or maybe a fruit at its seasonal peak.

Fruit stays fresh and firm for four to five days, which means you have plenty of time to snack, bake or blend it.

We’re appy

No, we’re not writing in a French accent.

But we are obsessed with our app. It’s got all your previous and upcoming orders – and it’s the perfect spot to edit your menu on the go for up to four weeks in advance.

You can also let us know if you’re going away or you need to pause your deliveries for whatever reason.

If you accidentally recycle your recipe card early, you can use the app to cook and rate your meals on the spot.

We’re perfect for the pre-planner and the go-with-the-flow…-er.

There are two types of Marley Spooners – the organised meal selector and the whatever-arrives-is-great person.

Luckily, we serve both personalities.

The most important tip for both people is to select your food preferences in your account details section so we know what you love.

This means we’ll auto-select the best meals for you, even if you don’t get a chance to curate your menu.

We know that dinnertime means something different to everyone, so we give you the freedom to choose what best suits your lifestyle each week.

Every recipe we share reflects our love for seasonal ingredients and fresh flavours.

We’re foodies who love to chat

Stuck on a recipe step? Out of a staple ingredient and need help on an alternative? Don’t know when your box is arriving?

Lucky for you, the Marley Spoon team is a chatty bunch who love food and helping Marley Spooners.

Our customer care team is available every day of the week. You can contact us whenever you need.

The healthy choice is looking after yourself

We think that cooking at home is obviously the healthiest dinner option.

We also know that sometimes, supercharging your healthy dinners is a priority.

That’s why we introduced a large selection of ‘Healthy Choice’ dishes each week – four healthy options in both our two-person box and our four-person box.

‘Healthy Choice’ dishes use whole grains, lots of high-fibre vegetables and lean meats, and very little oil, sugar and salt.

So what are you waiting for? Grab $35 off your first box now!

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