Sponsored Top trending 2019 New Year’s resolutions and how to achieve them

Top trending 2019 New Year’s resolutions and how to achieve them

Marley Spoon can help you achieve every single one of these resolutions. Photo: Getty
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According to Google, the top four resolutions across this globe this year are: Eat better foods, more ‘me’ time, spend more time with my family, and save money.

We’re happy to share that Marley Spoon can help you achieve every one of these resolutions. It’s a revolutionary service that delivers to your door everything you need to make amazing dinners at home. Keeping your resolutions this year is a breeze.

Eat better foods

Trying different cuisines and changing it up is easy with Marley Spoon. We offer 12 different recipes every week from across the world – like five-spice chicken noodles with sesame sauce, halloumi and pesto pasta and chorizo and potato tacos. You’ll find constant inspiration and variety every week, and it’s all the freshest produce of the highest quality.

More time for me

When you cut down on shopping, planning and cooking time, you’ll have more time to do the things you want. Thirty minutes of cooking means you can fit in that yoga class, run, or after work catch up with a friend. Sunday afternoons don’t need to be spent in the supermarket.

Spend more time with your kids this new year.

Spend more time with family

Cooking with the family is no longer a headache with Marley Spoon. For couples and housemates, sharing the duties is easy and cuts down the preparation time even more. For families, the simple six steps and photos for each step mean that the kids can take part under your supervision, and learn some cooking skills when they’re young.

Save money

With portions starting from $8.95, Marley Spoon is a much cheaper option to take away. You’ll also spend far less in the supermarket because you won’t grab extra things for the sake of it.

Achieve all your resolutions in one go with Marley Spoon.

Try Marley Spoon today and save on time and money. Click the banner below for more information.