Sponsored One generous act that changed this family’s view on life

One generous act that changed this family’s view on life

Growing up learning about the world: Kate (20), Chloe (17) and Jonas (10). Photo: World Vision
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“After seeing how Christina lives, it has made me realise that we are extremely privileged and we take our stuff for granted. It has really changed my view on life.”

That’s Chloe Brusnahan, age 17.

Five years ago, she and her siblings were living a comfortable life in Australia, without much exposure to other countries.

That began to change when Chloe’s parents, Emma and Grant, decided to sponsor a child. Her name was Christina and she lived in Tanzania.

“We went into child sponsorship with the idea that we were going to help change a child and community’s life,” Emma and Grant say.

“We very quickly realised they would change our lives a great deal more.”

Christina began sending them letters and drawings (her first Christmas card included a drawing of a ball), and the Brusnahans wrote back.

Emma and Chloe visiting Christina’s community. The whole family has visited twice.

What came next has been five years of long-distance connection with a world that the Brusnahans hadn’t experienced.

Chloe – along with her sister Kate, 20, and Jonas, 10 – have each built up their own rapport with Christina.

Jonas loves talking to her about their mutual interest in soccer, and Kate enjoys learning firsthand about another culture. As for Chloe, she feels more thankful for the little things in life.

Emma and Grant have also felt the impact of knowing Christina.

“I love the wonderful relationships we have formed,” Emma says.

“It’s opened up our children’s eyes, their minds and their hearts.”

The family even took an opportunity to visit Christina’s community. When they returned to Australia, they worked hard to raise thousands of dollars for Christina’s school.

Today, the whole family feels grateful – for their own blessings, for their decision to sponsor a child with World Vision, and for the chance to see Christina grow up.

“Sponsoring a child will be the best investment you have ever made for your family,” Emma says.

Make giving back part of your family’s life at Christmas – and all year round. Sponsor a child today.