Sponsored What can we do to go plastic free?

What can we do to go plastic free?

People who frequently drink from plastic bottles can add 90,000 extra microparticles to their annual intakes, compared to those who mainly drink tap water. Photo: Getty Photo: Getty
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We know going plastic free is hard, so we’ve compiled some tips that you can use.

Here’s a familiar pattern: You feel guilty about using plastic and for a few days you do a stellar job avoiding it, you even go ahead and buy a tote bag, but soon enough you’re back to your old ways, leaving your head spinning.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one – that’s the story for a lot of us.

The thing about plastic is that it has crept into every corner of our lives. But to kick this habit, we can take easy steps to make a solid start.

If you find yourself buying takeaway coffee or bottled water every day, try taking your own KeepCup or other reusable coffee cups. Many stores have embraced these and will even give you a discount!

Or take a few minutes out to dine in – cafés and the environment will both thank you. Using a reusable water bottle is a no-brainer. Water comes out of the tap for free, so why on earth would you pay for it?

Buying fruit and veggies wrapped in plastic is a big no-no. You know the kind – cling-wrapped capsicums and tomatoes on foam trays – absolutely wasteful. Instead, choose from the loose section and put them straight in your tote bag and then the fridge when you get home.

Sick of buying flour, nuts, rice and even spices in plastic? There are many places now offering self-service for these and many other products.

Bring your own jars and you don’t even have to repack them when you get home. They just go straight into the cupboard – how neat is that?

Did you know that you can also bring your own containers to the deli? Pre-packaged meat and cheese is usually sold in plastic or styrofoam trays, but if you buy direct from the deli, you can ask them to fill your container instead.

This one is possibly the most important, with the removal of plastic bags at your local Woolies and Coles. But it doesn’t have to be a drag.

Canvas bags come in so many sizes and with so many amazing designs they can be useful and fashionable.

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