Sponsored ‘This spontaneous act of generosity gave me a second chance at life’

‘This spontaneous act of generosity gave me a second chance at life’

Nancy on a visit to the primary school she attended in 1997.
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It began with a school uniform.

Nancy was 11 at the time. Growing up in Kenya, she lived in a village that discouraged girls from going to school. Her stepfather refused to buy her a school uniform. After all, she’d be married off by 15 – just like the other girls.

But one day, everything changed.

Nancy wasn’t sure why her measurements were taken that morning, but things began to become clear as she joined the school assembly later that day. They were handing out packages.

“When I opened mine, there was a brand-new school uniform. I was so excited,” Nancy says. Then the words catch in her throat: “Somebody cared to buy me a uniform”.

That somebody was Georgie, Nancy’s sponsor in Australia.

Georgie, who was 20 and living at home with her parents in Melbourne, was watching a World Vision documentary on Africa.

She was so moved that she decided to sponsor a child in a spontaneous act of generosity.

“It was just about giving, and it was about me hoping that I could make a difference,” she says.

Little did Georgie know the amazing gift she was giving Nancy – and the close bond the two women would forge.

Sponsored by Georgie (left), Nancy could finish high school – rare for girls in her community.

As World Vision joined the community, Nancy saw her world transformed. She and children around her were able to gain access to clean water, healthcare and education. Best of all, her wish was granted: She was able to stay in school and continue to be top of her class.

For Nancy, sponsorship wasn’t just about getting food and water. It had a profound effect on her self-worth, and it has been a gift that has lasted a lifetime.

“I felt like there was someone out there who cares. Who did not judge me. And who was interested in me,” she says.

Over the years, Nancy and Georgie eagerly exchanged drawings and letters. Georgie told her that she kept Nancy’s photo where she could see it each day “so I can see your beautiful smile”. This kind of encouragement gave Nancy the drive to keep going and achieve.

Now, at 34, Nancy is a masters graduate and a humanitarian aid worker.

Her life has been transformed, and so has her community. She knows it was only possible because she was sponsored.

“I’m grateful to Georgie. I’m grateful to World Vision,” Nancy says. “I got a second chance at life.”

Today, the women share a connection that has enriched both their lives. The small stream of Georgie’s donation has become a blessing as wide and deep as a river.

Help a child like Nancy and make giving back part of your life at Christmas – and all year round. Sponsor a child today.