Sponsored Time to consider DIY investing? Fees reduced by up to 30%

Time to consider DIY investing? Fees reduced by up to 30%

How ifsinvest can help you with your money goals Photo: Getty
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Ifsinvest is a non-super online investment platform brought to you by Industry Fund Services.

It’s one of the few investment platforms you can access directly by yourself without going through a financial planner, thereby saving you on advice fees.

And we’ve just announced up to 30% discount on administration fees so now is a great time to learn more.

In choosing investments that are right for you, it’s important to understand your own individual risk profile.

Much like choosing an investment option in super, this depends on factors such as your return expectations, your age, the timeframe available for investing, when you’ll need access to your funds, and your appetite for risk, for example, how you would feel if your investment lost 10% or 20% of its value.

In this article we explore in more detail how you can select an appropriate investment model portfolio aligned with these factors.

Ifsinvest investment model portfolios are defined by their allocation to growth versus defensive assets.

Growth assets include shares and property while defensive assets include cash and fixed interest.

Simply put, growth assets have the potential for higher returns but also a higher risk of negative returns, while defensive assets are more stable but generate lower returns.

Each model portfolio in ifsinvest has a set of measures to help you make your investment decision.

Let’s look at the ‘Moderate’ risk profile as an example.

Growth assets 45%, defensive assets 55%. This split between growth and defensive makes it a fairly balanced approach.

Target return of CPI plus 2.75%. With CPI at around 2.5% this model is targeting a return of 5.25%. There is no guarantee of achieving this return.

Investment timeframe of 7 years plus. If you intend to withdraw money in 12 months for a major purchase, then this may not be the investment for you. If on the other hand you plan on leaving the funds untouched for at least 7 years, or drawing small amounts here and there then this option may be suitable.

• Likelihood of negative returns limited to one in every five years. If you need the money in 12 months during a year of negative returns you would be quite disappointed, as your balance may be lower than your initial investment. If you don’t need the money however then the occasional negative return is just a fluctuation of the investment cycle.

By using these measures you can find the investment option that is the right blend of potential returns, risk and timeframe for your needs.

To help you, the measures are provided for each of the Model Portfolios on the ifsinvest website and in the product disclosure statement and ifsinvest Model Guide.

With five options to choose from including Cautious, Moderate, Assertive, Aggressive and Highly Aggressive, ifsinvest has an investment option for everyone.

The ifsinvest online platform is easy to use with intuitive navigation, a secure portal and it’s supported by a dedicated Client Care Team.

Best of all, in keeping with our industry fund ethos, we put our members first.

That’s why we’re excited to be introducing a 30% reduction in ifsinvest administration fees for investments up to $250,000 from the 1st of December 2018, and 20-25% for amounts above $250,000.

Contact Industry Fund Services on 1300 734 496 or click here to find out more about ifsinvest  and request an information kit that includes everything you need to know about each of the model portfolios and our new fees.

Important notes:

All investments carry risk. Before deciding to invest, you should consider the following key risks:
• The value of investments will vary. You can lose money as well as make money.
• The level of returns will vary, and future returns will differ from past returns
• Returns are not guaranteed and investors may lose some or all of their money, and
• Laws and regulations change.

OneVue Wealth Services Limited ABN 70120380627 AFSL308868 (OneVue) is the product issuer of ifsinvest. Industry Fund Services ABN 54 007 016 195 AFSL 232514 (IFS) has entered an arrangement with OneVue to make ifsinvest available to you. IFS receives fees for its services.

This information has been prepared by IFS as promoter and distributor of ifsinvest. It contains general information and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. We recommend that you consult a financial adviser if you require financial advice that takes into account your personal circumstances.

It is important before deciding whether to invest that you read the Disclosure Documents and consider whether ifsinvest is suitable for you. A copy of the Disclosure Documents can be obtained by calling 1300 734 496 or from ifsinvest.com.au