Sponsored Perfect summer crafts for curious toddlers

Perfect summer crafts for curious toddlers

Ways to keep your toddlers cool and entertained this summer Photo: Getty
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Summer crafts for toddlers are a great way to keep little ones cool and having a great time!

KiwiCo aims to inspire kids to see themselves as scientists, artists, creators, and makers.

KiwiCo recommends these activities as they are perfect for everything from practicing phonics to building a foundation for science learning.

1. Fishing for Letters

Fish for letters while practicing letter sounds & fine motor skills, and keeping cool!

2. Toddler Science Experiment

Let your toddler become a scientist, practice fine motor skills, and play with water–all with this simple science activity!

3. Summer Seashell Treasures

Seashells are so special and when the kids add some personal touches they become memories of summer vacation.

4. Color Mixing Sensory Table

Your toddler can have a great, wet afternoon exploring colors with this water table sensory activity.

5. Summer Fun Watermelon Maracas

The arrival of summer merits a watermelon maraca! Your toddler will love these shakers, and you can make them with all kinds of materials.

6. Frog Pond Water Play

Put a fun twist on water play this summer with a DIY frog pond!

7. Make Your Own Diving Fish

Make your own “diving fish” using baking soda & vinegar! This experiment provides a great foundation for early chemistry learning.

8. Ice Boat Race

Ready for the race? Create your own ice boat and be the first to cross the finish line!

Looking for other ways to keep your toddler learning, active, and engaged this summer? Build a foundation for learning for children and save on monthly deliveries to inspire kids to be scientists, creators, and innovators. Everything needed to create, explore, and learn – delivered.

Visit KiwiCo for more information.

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