Sponsored New hearing aid comparison site launches in Australia

New hearing aid comparison site launches in Australia

The millions of Australians with hearing loss have a new resource to help improve their hearing. Photo Getty
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Have you noticed that your hearing isn’t what it used to be? Maybe you’re missing the doorbell or don’t hear the phone ring.

You’re not alone – one in six Australians are affected by hearing loss, a number that is expected to increase by 2050.*

Hearing loss can leave you feeling out of the loop and unsure when people are talking to you.

Fortunately there’s a new service that makes it easy and affordable to get a great hearing aid that will put you back in the conversation.

HearingAidComparison.com.au connects you with a trusted local audiologist for a free 15-minute hearing check to put your mind at ease.

If you find that you are in need of a hearing aid, your audiologist can introduce you to a number of high-tech options that are smaller and less conspicuous than ever before.

Today’s digital hearing aids use cutting-edge technology that can improve your hearing without being seen, and some are even compatible with smartphones and other devices.

Best of all, they’re simple to use and can make a huge difference to your quality of life.

Here’s how you do it

Step 1: Go to HearingAidComparison.com.au

Step 2: Answer a few questions and you will be able to compare hearing aids available in your area, and could be eligible for significant savings.

You’re not the only one affected by your hearing loss; your friends and family members are too.

Ease frustration by booking your appointment with an audiologist today.

A simple test will tell you if you are among the many Aussies who could benefit from a hearing aid.

There’s no shame in wearing a hearing aid; after all, it’s the second most common physical condition in Australia.

Why struggle with hearing loss when there are so many effective hearing aids available today?

Older Australians often postpone the purchase of hearing aids out of concern for the costs involved.

The truth is, hearing aids probably cost less than you think.

If you’re a pensioner or hold private health insurance, you could be eligible for significant rebates associated with hearing aids.

Combatting hearing loss can be easy and cost-effective, especially when you use HearingAidComparison.com.au.

Compare today to improve your hearing before the next family get-together, so you can participate like you used to.

Stop wondering if you’ve heard something correctly and find out for sure with a free hearing check near you.

The result could change your life for the better.