Sponsored Nine tips for taking better smartphone photos

Nine tips for taking better smartphone photos

Huawei p9
The Huawei P9 takes smartphone photography to the next level. Photo: Huawei
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Professional photography is now as close as your phone.

If you know the right tips and tricks with today’s smartphone camera technology – like Huawei’s P9, featuring groundbreaking dual lens technology – you can shoot like a pro.

The P9 has been co-engineered with premium camera manufacturer Leica. Here are nine useful tips and tools for taking better smartphone photos:

  • Be ready to shoot. You can keep your phone in camera mode so you can pull it out at any minute and capture a moment. However, if you are not an obsessive photographer or are concerned about battery life, get to know your smartphone’s camera settings – on phones using the Android Marshmallow operating system, like the Huawei P9, double tap the screen to launch the app.
  • Use ‘Shoot in RAW mode’ if you want higher resolution for better quality photos and easier editing. The P9 enables you to capture images without compromising their quality through its professional mode with RAW output.
  • Get into the habit of thinking about light: Where is it coming from? What direction is it shining in? And: what kind of photo do I want to take? Do I want my subject in silhouette? Do I want to capture the light shining on them? If you can learn to think about these things it will naturally guide your photography process.
  • Shooting in low light? A smartphone camera with two sensors like the Huawei P9 will ensure quality photos every time – and remember, a smartphone camera with a larger pixel size will always capture more light.


  • Don’t forget to focus. Most smartphone apps have an autofocus option, but if you want to focus on a particular aspect of the frame, simply tap on the desired area of your smartphone screen.
  • If you are concerned about your quick pics coming out blurry, select a phone with a built-in feature which lets you refocus any photo later, like the P9. Then you can focus your attention on capturing the moment.
  • Go wide where possible. Zooming sometimes reduces the quality of the photo and increases the risk of blur. As a rule of thumb – best to always shoot wide and crop later.

Huawei P9


  • Composition is important: Best not to cram too many ideas in one photo. If you get time before you take the shot – think about why are you taking this photo and focus on that point – if it is to capture the environment, people or food at a restaurant make sure it is the main subject of the photo.
  • There are apps available to optimise your photography skills using your smartphone, like apps enabling users to take 360 degree photos. Do the research to find which apps are available and can be used on your smartphone.
  • Finally, take lots and lots of photos: If you have a big selection you can choose the best one and and enhance its qualities after it has been taken.

Is your smartphone no longer capturing those important moments? The new Huawei P9 (RRP $799), co-engineered with leading camera manufacturer Leica, features one of the best smartphone camera’s on the market. Visit the Huawei P9 microsite for more information.

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