Sponsored Five websites that will make you smarter

Five websites that will make you smarter

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Exploiting the internet to increase your smarts is a good idea for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it’s free – or at least the examples in this article are.

Secondly, it can be accessed from (almost) anywhere. That means you can get a quick brain boost on your daily train ride, in bed or even watch videos while cooking dinner.

No matter how you measure intelligence, this list should have something for you – so get reading, listening and watching.

Let 'ed' give you free lessons in finance. Photo: Supplied
Let ‘ed’ give you free lessons in finance. Photo: Supplied

1. Meet ed

If you feel you’re lacking in fiscal know-how, ed can help you get up to speed. ed is a free, online school of money that teaches you about the basics of buying a home, creating a budget, getting out of debt, managing your home loan and much, much more.

ME’s online school of money has video and interactive lessons to help you get ahead.

The classes are free, speedy (each lesson goes for about 15 minutes) and best of all, you can set your own pace – dip in when it suits you, and come back whenever you like.

2. Duolingo

Some say there’s no better way to understand a culture than by speaking its language.

Many Australians grow up with parents who speak a second language at home, or are lucky enough to learn one at school. But as full-time worker, kids and daily responsibilities begin to take preference, our little slice of culture can start gathering dust.

Duolingo is the world’s most popular way to learn a language and has 26 languages to choose from, for those who simply want to brush up on their second language, to complete novices. It’s free, entertaining and uses science-based learning.

3. Aeon

Started by Australian couple Paul and Brigid Hains, Aeon is an online magazine and short film curator, loosely centred on philosophy.

Ted-ed is an education-focussed spinoff of the popular Ted Talks. Photo: Supplied
Ted-ed is an education-focussed spinoff of the popular Ted Talks. Photo: Supplied

Delivered to your inbox weekly, its newsletter collates the very best of the website, including articles such as ‘Who owns the earth?‘  and ‘How Game Theory can help you do a better job of parenting’.

Articles are penned by hundreds of heavily-qualified experts in their fields, including academics and internationally renowned writers.

4. Instructables

Want to learn how to make something? Anything?

Then head to Instructables, the website that teaches you how, step by step.

You’ll find everything from kids’ beds, to fountain pens, drink holders and healthy cookies, uploaded by over 30 million users.

You’ll find some seriously weird and wonderful items, as well as handy everyday objects.

5. TED-Ed

You may have heard of Ted Talks by now.

If not, take a look. Successful, interesting and inspirational people take to the TED stage to explain their secrets, journeys and opinions on everything technology, entertainment and design.

TED-Ed is the educational arm of the TED Empire – aimed at educating youth and adults around the world in four-minute videos.

That means your morning train trip could include an explainer on how computer memory works, plus a quickie on the real Sherlock Holmes – in under 10 minutes.

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