Sponsored Easter secrets: how to have a thrifty long weekend

Easter secrets: how to have a thrifty long weekend

Easter bunnies
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Even if you’ve forgotten what we’re meant to be celebrating, Easter can feel like the perfect holiday – topping off the summer with four days’ paid leave.

But those four days can easily turn into a fortnight’s salary if you get too overexcited and blow it all on chocolates, gifts and expensive trips.

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In the long run, most of us would benefit from some kind of budget planner like this one from AustralianSuper, but for now, check out these simple tricks for keeping Easter spending to a minimum.

Make your Easter treats at home

While it’s basically a rite of passage to head down to your local bakery for a six-pack of hot cross buns, consider making a few treats in your own kitchen this weekend.

nice cream flip shelton
Chocolate nice cream from Flip Shelton. Photo: Supplied

In an article for The New Daily, cook Flip Shelton suggested a number of cheap and healthy Easter egg alternatives, including cacao bark and chocolate ‘nice cream’.

With just banana, cacao and cinnamon on its ingredient list, imagine how much nice cream you could be stuffing you face with for the same price as a few Lindt bunnies.

Drive with care

Even if you’re not travelling far, it’s worth remembering that Easter is one of the most dangerous times to be on Australian roads.

Driving under the speed limit and taking care at traffic lights will not only save you big money on fines but it could save your life.

In 2015, the Easter road toll rose to 14 – a scary statistic no one wants to be a part of.

Shop with care

You’ll likely want to stock up on food and beverages before the weekend begins – this can be where you hit trouble.

At the checkout, remember that home brand snobbery costs us thousands of dollars a year, and that no-name can of beans is likely to taste just as good as the familiar one next to it.

petrol pump
Get to that pump before everyone else does. Photo: Getty

Also remember that the supermarket isn’t the only option. Online retailers such as Grocery Run offer big discounts and deliver right to your door.

Seek out free experiences

The long weekend is a great time to make the most of your city’s free activities, especially as most businesses are on holiday just like you.

That’s a good thing for your wallet, because it means you’ll be less tempted to go shopping during your time off, and instead look for thrifty activities. Try here for free things do in Melbourne, here for Sydney and here for Adelaide.

Think free exhibitions or going on a scenic bike ride and picnic (with the aforementioned homemade treats).

If you’re feeling more adventurous, try this list of free camping spots throughout Australia – but remember, Easter is peak time for campers, so it’s best to check for spaces ahead of time.

Fill up now

This applies especially to those embarking on a road trip.

Fill up the petrol tank as soon as possible to avoid those long weekend price spikes, not to mention the temptation that comes with a tired detour to a service station.

Before you know it, you will have stocked up on unnecessary snacks and random cut-price CDs to perk up your passengers.

Caught the thrift bug? Find out more ways to help you make the most of your money here.

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