Podcasts How Science Matters Ep. 4 | Everyone’s an epidemiologist

How Science Matters Ep. 4 | Everyone’s an epidemiologist

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Epidemiologists have become the new rock stars in an era of coronavirus.

It’s these ‘disease detectives’ who have kept the world informed about how the virus has been spreading and how it might spread in the future.

In this episode, you’ll meet Professor Mike Toole, a 40-year veteran of disease control whose face now pops up all over the world’s media.

Mike is an epidemiologist at Burnet Institute and the technical adviser to the Know-C19 Knowledge Hub.

He had to shelve his retirement plans in Egypt, to help solve the COVID-19 puzzle.

Produced by Written & Recorded

Executive Producers: Serpil Senelmis & James Brandis

Sound Design/Engineering: James Brandis

Production Assistance: Nick Dalziel, Burnet Institute

Disclaimer: This podcast series was recorded between June and July 2021. For current information on the pandemic, please search for the latest official coronavirus advice in your area.