Podcasts How Science Matters Ep.3 | No one is safe until everyone is safe

How Science Matters Ep.3 | No one is safe until everyone is safe

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Why can’t a wealthy country like Australia, with its world-class medical resources simply shut out COVID-19?

In this episode, Burnet Institute’s Professor Leanne Robinson, program director for Health Security, unpicks the reason we can’t just barrier ourselves off from the rest of the world.

She points to glaring inequalities on our doorstep, in countries like Papua New Guinea where she has lived and worked for more than a decade, and warns that ignoring this inequity will be at our own peril.

Credits: Hosted by journalist Tracy Parish and Professor Brendan Crabb, a microbiologist and malaria researcher, and one of the best minds in infectious diseases and global health today.

Produced by Written & Recorded

Executive Producers: Serpil Senelmis & James Brandis

Sound Design/Engineering: James Brandis

Production Assistance: Nick Dalziel, Burnet Institute

Disclaimer: This podcast series was recorded between June and July 2021. For current information on the pandemic, please search for the latest official coronavirus advice in your area.