Podcasts How Science Matters Ep 6: Motherhood in a time of pandemic

How Science Matters Ep 6: Motherhood in a time of pandemic

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For some pregnant women in Australia, the arrival of COVID-19 ushered in an unusually strange and lonely time. Reassuring face-to-face antenatal care was replaced by remote telehealth.

Many gave birth supported by midwives dressed in PPE gear.

In developing countries, women were considered lucky if they managed to secure an appointment with a midwife.

In this episode, you’ll meet Burnet Institute’s Professor Caroline Homer, a leading midwifery researcher and maternal and newborn health expert. She talks about the crushing emotional toll of the pandemic on expectant mothers worldwide, alongside the success stories for maternal health.

Warning: This episode discusses miscarriage

Produced by Written & Recorded

Executive Producers: Serpil Senelmis & James Brandis

Sound Design/Engineering: James Brandis

Production Assistance: Nick Dalziel, Burnet Institute

Disclaimer: This podcast series was recorded between June and July 2021. For current information on the pandemic, please search for the latest official coronavirus advice in your area.