Podcasts How Science Matters Ep 5: Is COVID-normal really possible?

How Science Matters Ep 5: Is COVID-normal really possible?

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Asking people to behave differently to how they would normally is complicated.

In a country like Australia, with more than 270 different ancestries and a quarter of the population born in non-English-speaking countries, it’s even more complex.

Why then do we blame people for not following the public health restrictions when effective, targeted communication campaigns have been missing?

In this episode, Burnet Institute deputy director Professor Margaret Hellard explains how you can influence communities to embrace COVID-safe actions – and avoid stigma.

Produced by Written & Recorded

Executive Producers: Serpil Senelmis & James Brandis

Sound Design/Engineering: James Brandis

Production Assistance: Nick Dalziel, Burnet Institute

Disclaimer: This podcast series was recorded between June and July 2021. For current information on the pandemic, please search for the latest official coronavirus advice in your area.