Partner Why 5G home internet could be an NBN killer

Why 5G home internet could be an NBN killer

5G home internet could be the answer to sloppy NBN. Photo: Getty Images.
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The NBN was officially declared “built and fully operational” almost a year ago, but a new player has recently entered the game, and it may be the solution many Australians unhappy with the NBN rollout have been looking for.

Though it’s still early days, 5G home internet has the potential to be an NBN killer, and right now, Aussies in eligible areas can try it for a month completely free.

Home wireless internet (that is, home internet powered by existing mobile networks) has become increasingly popular in recent years as an alternative to the NBN.

However, it’s only been in the past year and a half that we’ve seen 5G home internet options become available.

Currently, the best deal on offer comes from Telstra, whose recently launched 5G Home Internet plan comes in at $0 (yes, free) for the first month.

Normally $85 per month, it includes 1TB of data (capped at 25Mbps on the off chance you use it all), a three-month Binge subscription and no extra cost for the modem if you remain for 24 months or, if leaving before then, return it within 21 days in “good working order”.

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Though Optus was the first Aussie telco to offer 5G home internet back in September 2020, its offerings aren’t quite on par with Telstra’s in terms of ongoing monthly cost, speeds and modem fees.

Instead of one plan, Optus offers two – one with full 5G speeds and Fetch Mighty entertainment included, the other offering speeds capped at 100Mbps (the same as the NBN Fast tier) and no Fetch subscription for a smaller monthly cost.

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Both plans include unlimited monthly downloads and one month free, however, if you choose not to continue after that first month, you’ll still have to pay out the $576 modem fee.

5G home internet v the NBN

Like every other type of internet technology, 5G home internet comes with its share of challenges – namely, availability and reliability.

5G is still very much in its infancy in Australia, with Telstra’s next-gen network covering just 75 per cent of the population and Optus reaching significantly less.

As such, 5G home internet is still out of reach for many Australians, and for those who are eligible, it’s important to remember the network is susceptible to the same issues as mobile networks, such as congestion and outages.

Both Telstra and Optus promise 5G home internet download speeds of at least 50Mbps (and 10Mbps for uploads), and while there is potential to reach speeds of up to 600Mbps, it’s important to consider that you may not get exactly what you were hoping for.

To put the above plans into context, here’s how much the cheapest NBN Fast plans (which are capable of speeds up to 100Mbps) cost per month.

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For the time being, the NBN is still the best (and cheapest) option for most Australians. But for those struggling with constant outages or speeds far below expectations, 5G internet might just be the antidote.