Partner Getting your internet plan set up for those new Christmas tech gifts

Getting your internet plan set up for those new Christmas tech gifts

Christmas tech tips
There are easy steps you can take before Christmas day to avoid any tech-induced disappointment. Photo: Getty
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Devices will take up a lot of room in Santa’s sack this year, which is why it pays to make sure your home set-up is ready to go.

Australians are expected to spend $11 billion on gifts and according to researchers at Roy Morgan, 10 per cent of Australians plan on buying tech items.

New phones, tablets and gaming consoles are sure to be among the swag of presents under the tree.

Here, we look at steps you can take before Christmas day to avoid any tech-induced disappointment.

Strong internet connection

The extra demand for data this Christmas could put some strain on your internet plan. It’s not just phones, tablets and laptops contributing to that demand – there’s also streaming services on TV as well as wearable tech and smart home devices.

You may also need to account for visitors to your home and the devices they will need to connect to your internet.

It’s easy to optimise your in-home broadband set-up and you can make a start by checking the speed.

Ideally, you want a plan that can support the number of connected devices in your home and can handle a number of multiple users online at once. All at a reasonable price too.

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A multiple device router is your defence against annoying drop-outs when you have streaming, gaming and downloading all under the one roof, and often simultaneously.

A good choice usually has dual or tri-band equipment so it can connect a variety of devices and Wi-Fi signals.  Most dual or tri-band routers allow multiple users solid connection, coverage or speed features.

However, it depends on the model. There is a wide range priced from approximately $50 up to $900, with a variety of CPU and RAM capabilities.

Most NBN modems are modem router combinations, but like stand-alone routers, they are easy to plug in and set up.

Charging equipment

With an increase in devices comes an increase in charging equipment. It may also require a change of your current charging set-up if you are changing from one brand to another, for example Apple to Samsung.

Check out the chargers you need for your devices and although most will come with the necessary equipment, think about back-up chargers you may need for multiple sites in your house and even your car.

Various adaptors are available, along with multi-device chargers which are a great way to keep everything stored in one place while charging.

Get ready early for a glitch-free Christmas. Photo: Getty.

Software updates

These may slow you down and we’re all guilty of putting them off, but try to get your software updates done before Christmas to ensure your new devices are compatible with your existing ones.

Updates for gaming consoles are fairly frequent, so it’s a good idea to do these well ahead of time.

The last thing you want to do on Christmas day is deal with updates when millions of people around the world are doing the same thing, making update times painstakingly slow.

Back-up devices

Those with servers at home may want to update their UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). They provide power to your computer, TV and other devices when the power is out, and can also charge phones, tablets or laptops during blackouts.

Storage is just as important, particularly with devices capable of taking high-resolution videos and photos.

You can use external hard drives to offload files, but a network-attached storage (NAS) device has the advantage of connecting to your home or office network no matter where it is stored.  They are also very useful for backing up your files.

Taking the time out to make sure your home is ready for new devices is a sure step towards a glitch-free Christmas day.