News World US Nashville policeman’s bodycam shows quiet streets before bomb blast

Nashville policeman’s bodycam shows quiet streets before bomb blast

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Nashville Police have released bodycam footage showing the moments before and after a van exploded early on Christmas Day.

The video is from the bodycam of police officer Michael Sipos, who was with a group of officers evacuating Nashville’s downtown area after the discovery of a recreational vehicle blaring a recorded message stating a bomb would be detonated.

The footage, which runs for almost 11 minutes, begins at 6:14am and shows officers asking a person to leave the steps of a bar because something “serious” was happening in the area.

As the officers walk along the street, the song Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree drowns out the bomber’s recorded warning.

“That’s so weird,” Officer Sipos can be heard saying. “It’s like something out of a movie.”

As the officers reach a parked police car, the blast can be heard.

Car alarms ring out as the officers open the boot of the vehicle and pull out protective vests before making their way to the crime scene.

Investigators have identified the suspected bomber as Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, and said he died in the explosion.

In a joint statement, law enforcement agencies said officers are still recovering evidence from the blast scene.

“Nearly half of the original crime scene has been returned to the city for clean-up and safety assessments,” it said.

“Agents hope to complete the crime scene by Friday at the latest.”

FBI and ATF special agents and analysts are conducting interviews with people who knew the suspect to gather information about potential motives.