News World US Trump’s Space Force duds: In space no one will hear them laughing

Trump’s Space Force duds: In space no one will hear them laughing

The new Space Force uniform. Star Wars-style it most definitely is not. Photo: US Space Force
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The newly created United States Space Force has unveiled its planned uniform, immediately raising a solar storm of snarky quips about its:  woodland camouflage motif.

The issue was quickly a trending subject on social media and whoever manages the Twitter account of the Space Force had a busy day responding to the jibes.

“In space, no one can hear you be ridiculous,” Craig Mazin, the creator of the HBO show Chernobyl, posted on Twitter. Other users questioned whether the force planned to invade forests on other planets.

The force, reacting to the comments of ridicule on social media, posted on Twitter that it is “utilising current Army/Air Force uniforms, saving costs of designing/producing a new one.”

It also stressed that Space Force will work “on the ground” and not actually outside Earth. The force even had to answer a riposte from George Takei, the Star Trek actor.

“Our assigned members monitor and manoeuvre our space assets (GPS, SBIRS, AEHF, etc), track space debris and perform other duties from installations on Earth. They work closely with joint warfighters in the @usairforce and @USArmy hence similar uniforms,” Space Force stressed.

The force only has one member so far, Jay Raymond, a general and commander of the newly created branch of the military. The image of the new uniform shows a four-star rank, indicating it would be his.

President Donald Trump championed the creation of the sixth branch of the military and Congress appropriated funds for the force in its most recent budget.

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