News World Asia Second black box found in China plane crash

Second black box found in China plane crash

A photo, released by Xinhua News Agency, of wreckage from the downed China Eastern flight, which has believed to have killed 132 people. Photo: AAP
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Officials have found the second black box belonging to the China Eastern Airlines plane that crashed on Monday, CAAC News, a publication managed by the aviation regulator, says.

The discovery means the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder from the plane, which plunged into a mountainside with 132 people on board, have now been recovered as the investigation into the cause of the crash goes on.

Debris from the jetliner including engine blades, horizontal tail stabilisers and other wing remnants were concentrated within 30 metres of the main impact point, which was 20 metres deep.

One 1.3 metre-long fragment suspected to be from the plane was found about 10km away, prompting a significant expansion of the search area, officials told a news briefing.

No survivors have been found, and experts have said it was all but impossible anyone could survive such an impact.

Flight MU5735 was en route from the southwestern city of Kunming to Guangzhou on the coast when the plane suddenly plunged from cruising altitude at about the time when it should have started its descent to its destination.

According to the tracking website FlightRadar24, the plane briefly appeared to pull out of its nosedive, before plunging again into a heavily forested slope in the mountainous Guangxi region.

Authorities said the pilots did not respond to repeated calls from air traffic controllers during the rapid descent.

The flight’s captain had 6709 hours of flying experience, while the first and second officers had 31,769 hours and 556 hours respectively, a China Eastern official said on Wednesday.