News World Asia Life and death on Wuhan’s streets of fear and horror

Life and death on Wuhan’s streets of fear and horror

The unnamed blogger bares the chilling details of life - and death - in Wuhan. Photo: YouTube
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The speaker is masked and the language is Chinese, but the message from the unidentified blogger in this chilling video is as simple as it is terrifying: the world is not hearing how bad things are in virus-besieged Wuhan.

After noting that internet access has been restricted, presumably by Beijing’s censors, the blogger explains that nothing, absolutely nothing, is working.

Petrol stations are shut and all public transport has been cancelled.

Calls to the emergency services’ phone number go unanswered.

Hospitals offer the sick a choice to go home or line up outside in the faint hope that a bed might become available.

“You want to go to the hospital to get checked, but you can’t get there at all,” he says.

“The doctors don’t tell you to get registered or anything – you might have to wait hours in line and still can’t get treated.

“Perhaps you were fine before, but after queuing up for hours you get contaminated.

“The current situation is definitely just as bad as thre 2003 SARS, if not worse.”

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After blasting local authorities for sitting on their hands during the early days of the epidemic, the blogger quotes friends he says are hospital workers.

Arriving patients, he says, are fobbed off with useless injections and ineffective drugs.

“If you are strong,” he adds, “you might make it through.

“If you aren’t, you’re dead.”