News World AirCar: Flying in the face of overwhelming doubt, and the market awaits

AirCar: Flying in the face of overwhelming doubt, and the market awaits

The AirCar has passed flight tests. Photo: Klein Vision
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The future of flying cars is inching closer after a Slovakian company revealed its AirCar concept has officially passed flight tests.

With a click of a button, the AirCar goes from the road vehicle to a flying car in less than three minutes, designer Professor Stefan Klein says.

Last week, it safely completed two full airport patterns at Piestany Airport in Slovakia,  including take-off and landing.

It has an estimated range of 1000 kilometres at a speed of 200km/h.

“The key flight parameters confirmed all theoretical concepts and calculations that the development of the AirCar was based on,” Professor Klein said.

“Following the completion of all required flight tests in compliance with EASA regulations, we will deliver a model with a certified ADEPT, 300HP engine within the next six months.”

“The good news is, we already have a buyer.”

There have been some developments in the flying car space in recent months after the SkyDrive debuted in Japan in August.

But the SkyDrive has a flying limit of just five to 10 minutes and has a tentative commercial date of 2023.

Meanwhile, ‘flying cars’ will be tested in NSW early next year as an Australian aerospace company expands its operations near Dubbo.

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