News World Disney sued over legendary stuntman Evel Knievel lookalike in Toy Story 4

Disney sued over legendary stuntman Evel Knievel lookalike in Toy Story 4

Evel Knievel's family are suing Disney over Toy Story 4's Duke Caboom.
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Think Duke Caboom looked familiar to Evel Knievel in Toy Story 4?

The owners of the legendary stuntman’s likeness thought so too, and now they’re suing Disney, creator of the beloved movie franchise, Disney.

K&K Promotions filed the lawsuit against Disney subsidiary Pixar, claiming that the character voiced by Keanu Reeves in the latest Toy Story instalment was a rip off of the man who once jumped over 14 buses.

Now it’s up to the US courts to decide whether K&K Promotions will be awarded some pretty hefty damages.

Duke Caboom, the Disney character, does have some striking similarities to the daredevil, who died in 2007 from pulmonary disease.

Besides Knievel’s signature Americana look, the animated character wears a white jumpsuit and cape and performs tricks on a motorcycle.

Kelly Knievel, son and spokesperson for K&K, said: “Evel Knievel did not thrill millions around the world, break his bones and spill his blood just so Disney could make a bunch of money.”

“He remains an instantly recognised icon, as demonstrated by the huge popularity of the re-issued Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle among kids who hadn’t even been born when my father died a dozen years ago”

K&K alleges that producers did not seek permission or approval to base their character on Knievel.

They also point out that the toy depicted in the film, atop a wind-up motorcycle, is a near replica of the original Evel Knievel toy, first produced in 1973 and still sold today.