News World Jeffrey Epstein properties, private jet listed for sale

Jeffrey Epstein properties, private jet listed for sale

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The properties where Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged associates undertook some of their most sordid sex crimes have been listed for sale – as well as one of his personalised planes.

With the listing, images from inside Epstein’s notorious Manhattan and Palm Beach homes have been made public.

Combined, they hit the market with a price tag of nearly $155 million.

Epstein’s prized Gulfstream G550 jet is also for sale for about $23.7 million.

The proceeds of the sales will be funnelled in the estate of the late pedophile financier, and be divvied up to pay legal bills and compensation to his sex abuse victims.

The front door of Epstein’s Manhattan mansion shows signs of being forced open when it was raided by police. Photo: Getty

A house of horrors

Epstein’s Manhattan home is billed as the “largest single-family home in New York City”, with a price of $123.6 million to match.

It features 40 bedrooms and overlooks Central Park from a salubrious setting in the Upper East Side.

Even on the Upper East Side, Epstein’s mansion was one of the grandest. Photo: Modlin Group

Despite its grand appearance, the property is believed to have been where some of the most gruesome of sex acts took place.

When police raided the mansion they found explicit photos of girls locked away in a safe.

They also found a massage table set up with sex toys and lubricants.

Just one of the rooms in the labyrinth that was Epstein’s 1920s New York home. Photo: Modlin Group

Even Epstein’s choice of furnishings are bizarre – taxidermy and an unusual portrait of Bill Clinton, if you believe the rumours.

One New York Times report said there was even a life-sized female doll dangling from a chandelier.

The strange portrait of Clinton, by Petrina Ryan-Kleid, that apparently hung in Esptein’s New York mansion. Photo: New York Academy of Art

Despite all the bad press attached to the property, real estate vendors don’t think it will dent its sale price.

The sale listing even suggests turning the 1928-built mansion into an art gallery or museum.

Epstein inside his New York home, in 2015. Photo: New York Magazine

In the sky, there’s no rules …

It’s no secret Epstein was a fan of flying.

He used his private fleet to hop between his homes across the US, Paris, the Virgin Islands and wherever else he so desired.

The most infamous of these planes is what’s known as the Lolita Express – a Boeing 727.

But what’s up for sale now is Epstein’s Gulfstream 550 jet, which he customised just to his liking.

Epstein’s Gulfstream jet was reportedly the last of his planes he flew on before his arrest. Photo: Equus Global

It’s also the plane on which he flew from Paris, when he was arrested on child sex trafficking charges upon landing at a New Jersey airport.

He took his own life five weeks later.

Epstein bought the 2008-built aircraft in 2013 and renovated it just a year before his death, painting it a solid colour on the outside – a look he favoured for all his aircraft.

He also updated the interior, customising the normal 16-passenger berth to just 12 by installing a four-person couch – sacrificing four seats so this couch could be turned into a daybed.

Sales images show the couch and day bed that Epstein retrofitted into the jet. Photo: Equus Global

Photographs on its sale flyer show how he added personal favourites and flourishes: Mahogany panelling, plush navy carpet, and hand towels embroidered with the plane’s tail number.

It was one of two Gulfstream planes Epstein had in his fleet at the time of his arrest and subsequent death – the other was a Gulfstream IV.

Neither are as infamous as the larger Lolita Express, the flight log of which lists passengers such as Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell, Kevin Spacey and Naomi Campbell.

The passenger list for the 550 has not been made public.

Victims of the deceased pedophile claim he orchestrated in-flight orgies on the Express, and say it was renovated with bizarre add-ons, like floors made of mattress foam in its on-board bedrooms.

Block parties with the Trumps

Epstein’s Palm Beach home has its own dark past.

In the early 2000s, the lakefront property hosted wild parties and its pool was often dotted with naked girls and women.

Prince Andrew is believed to have spent considerable time at the Florida property, as reported by Epstein’s former butler.

In 2006, Epstein was picked up by police, accused of having sex with underage girls at the Palm Beach estate.

He apparently brought them to the home under the guide of paying them to massage him. Some girls have reported he would engage in sex acts during the ‘massages’.

A plea deal saw him convicted on two counts, including solicitation of a minor.

Melania Trump, Prince Andrew, Gwendolyn Beck and Jeffrey Epstein at a party at the Mar-a-Lago club, Palm Beach, Florida on February 12, 2000. Photo: Getty

In the same neighbourhood is Donald Trump’s sprawling ‘winter White House’.

Former butler Juan Alessi said it was here that Ms Maxwell would trawl the surroundings for girls to take back to Epstein.

“Whole days she spent recruiting girls. I was driving. I wish I had known what for. I would stop at a massage parlour,” Mr Alessi said earlier this year.

Epstein’s Palm Beach home at El Brillo Way.

“She would go in, take business cards. One time she had me drive to Donald Trump’s home Mar-a-Lago looking for girls, and that is when she found Virginia (Giuffre).”

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