News World Prince Andrew ‘certainly’ caught on tape from Epstein’s mansion, lawyer says

Prince Andrew ‘certainly’ caught on tape from Epstein’s mansion, lawyer says

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No one knows exactly where they are, but everyone’s deeply afraid of the alleged taped footage of the sordid goings-on at Jeffrey Epstein’s numerous properties.

Prince Andrew’s name has once again been raised as one of the many high-profile characters who have a lot to fear from the release of the tapes, with claims he “would certainly” appear on the footage.

This claim comes from alleged Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s lawyer David Boies, who spoke to British media outlets on the weekend.

Ms Giuffre has alleged the Duke of York had sex with her three times – including when she was underage – in 2001.

The Duke has repeatedly denied these claims.

The rumour mill has cranked up a notch since Epstein’s right-hand woman Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested on related charges, with fears years of footage from the deceased pedophile’s numerous properties has gone missing.

It’s believed this footage – gathered from his Manhattan mansion and possibly other properties including his New Mexico ranch and Palm Springs home – details visits from Epstein’s pals and “sex slaves” alike.

Mr Boies told the Mail on Sunday  he believed there was “no doubt” the 60-year-old Prince would have been filmed in Epstein’s New York property.

“We know there were cameras throughout the New York mansion and in Epstein’s other properties. We know there were a multitude of cameras and very large quantities of tapes,” said Mr Boies, who is also representing other Epstein accusers.

“Prince Andrew would have been included. He would certainly have been included among the people who would have been captured on the tapes.”

Virginia Giuffre

Keep them secret, safe

It’s yet to be proven if the missing tapes indeed exist (and if the Duke appears on them) but visitors to Epstein’s homes have attested to seeing surveillance set-ups throughout the interiors.

Accuser Maria Farmer says she saw what can described as a ‘media room’ in Epstein’s Manhattan home.

Ms Farmer says the room was decked out with TVs, showing live feeds from surveillance cameras throughout the property.

“It was all videoed all the time. I asked him, ‘What do you do with all this?’ And he said, ‘I keep it all in my safe’,” Ms Farmer has said in the past.

Prince Andrew Virginia Roberts
Prince Andrew and a teenage Virginia Roberts in 2001, with Ghislaine Maxwell behind them.

Some have speculated Ms Maxwell took the tapes before she hunkered down in the aftermath of her former flame’s death.

Ms Maxwell is in jail awaiting trial, but has a bail hearing on July 14, US time.

If she does indeed have the tapes – or know of their location – it’s feared she might use them as leverage to bargain her way to a better deal.