News World Man fined for farting ‘with intent’ in general direction of police

Man fined for farting ‘with intent’ in general direction of police

The man was approached by the Polizei and 'let one off' in their direct vicinity Photo: Getty
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We can’t tell you why they are funny.

We certainly can’t condone the breaking of wind in anyone’s general direction.

We are simply here to report the farts. Sorry – facts.

Accidentally ‘letting one go’ is not a crime, in Australia or in Austria.

The police department of Vienna, Austria tweeted about it.

Of course no one will be reported for accidentally ‘letting one go’ once,’’ the department wrote on Twitter.

But intentionally ‘letting one go’ is a different matter.

The Vienna police department confirmed that police officers, like most people, “prefer not to be farted at”.

And one Austrian received a hefty fine for it.

The police defended the fine – issued for “violating public decency”,   saying it was not just an accidental toot.

Associated Press reported that the suspect was behaving in a “provocative and unco-operative manner” before he was approached by officers on June 5.

He then stood up, looked at them, and “intentionally released a massive intestinal wind in the immediate vicinity of the officers”.

The suspect was fined €500 ($820.50), and might be remembered as the man who ‘farted with intent’.