News World Among the anger comes solidarity: US officers #takeaknee with protesters

Among the anger comes solidarity: US officers #takeaknee with protesters

NOPD & State Police kneel in solidarity with protesters Photo: Twitter/@MichaelDeMocker
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For more than a week, Australians have woken to violent images of protesters clashing with US officers over police brutality – sparked by the death of unarmed black man George Floyd in Minneapolis.

But among the anger, there have been moments of solidarity.

While President Trump’s decision to activate the National Guard to deal with the growing domestic crisis has been met by criticism and anger, some police and military officers have peacefully joined demonstrators.

The images and videos of police officers and National Guardsmen kneeling with protesters have since flooded social media in recent days.

In Dallas, a police officer was filmed kneeling with protesters, urging them to “see it through”.

“Please stay safe, do it the right way, and understand that there are police officers on this side that do agree with you and respect what you’re doing,” he can be heard saying in the video.

In Washington DC, protesters cheered as the National Guard dropped their shields.

“We want to thank our National Guard for being on the right side of history,” it can be heard in the video.

In Hollywood, actress Keke Palmer was filmed urging members of the National Guard to “march with us”.

“We have a president that’s trying to incite a race war, and the borders are closed. We can’t leave” she said.