News World Serious about social distancing? Try these, goody-two shoes

Serious about social distancing? Try these, goody-two shoes

The shoes for social distancing. Photo: AXA Magnolia
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Romanian shoemaker Grigore Lup was fed up.

In his idyllic Transylvanian city of Cluj, he watched as many locals didn’t respect the country’s coronavirus social-distancing laws and went about their normal business.

Which is when he had an idea: Social-distancing shoes.

The long-nosed, size 75 shoes ensure people keep at least 1.5 metres apart to prevent the spread of the coronavirus during the pandemic.

“I saw people crowding and not respecting the social distancing rules,” Mr Lup told The Telegraph.

“And I said to myself, let’s make a shoe either to punish them or as something they could actually wear.

“Maybe that way, they would keep their distance.”

Each pair of shoes takes Mr Lup about two days to make.

He uses roughly 0.46 square metre [five square feet] of leather per shoe.

And if you want to grab yourself a pair?

The going price is 500 Romanian Leu – or about $168.