News World Cummings, see this castle! Can the coronavirus affect your eyesight?

Cummings, see this castle! Can the coronavirus affect your eyesight?

Does the coronavirus affect your eyesight? Experts discuss. Photo: Getty
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It’s the affair that has split Britain.

In the midst of a coronavirus lockdown, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s closest aide Dominic Cummings drove 400 kilometres to “get childcare” when Britons were implored stay home and stop the virus’ spread.

And it so happens on the same journey to north-eastern England, Mr Cummings – who was exhibiting symptoms of the coronavirus – and his family took a day trip to see a castle so he “could test his eyesight”.

But politics aside, does the coronavirus affect your eyesight?

The answer? There is little evidence to suggest it.

University of Melbourne professor of ophthalmology Hugh Taylor AC says in his experience the coronavirus does not affect how well you can see.

“A few patients have mild ocular symptoms,” he told The New Daily.

“Less than 3 per cent of those who are positive have a positive eye swab. But this is not described as affecting vision.”

In Britain, experts at the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and Moorfields Eye Hospital agreed, and said there was little evidence to link COVID-19 to eyesight problems.

In the case of Mr Cummings, he maintains the support of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson despite more than 30 members of his Conservative party publicly calling for the aide’s resignation.

Mr Johnson will be quizzed on Wednesday at a Commons committee meeting about Mr Cummings’ decisions during the lockdown.

Senior ministers have expressed public support for the defiant adviser, but there are reports a number of Cabinet members have privately called for him to be ousted from No 10.

Mr Johnson’s scheduled appearance via video link at Wednesday’s Commons Liaison Committee hearing has been tinged with controversy over the fact the PM will only briefly be quizzed on the Cummings affair.

It is understood MPs will have a maximum of 20 minutes in a 90-minute session to probe the situation.

In a snap poll, many Britons say they do not find his excuse plausible, with more than 70 per cent believe he broke the lockdown.