News World Donald Trump’s personal valet tests positive for coronavirus

Donald Trump’s personal valet tests positive for coronavirus

Donald Trump reportedly became upset after learning his valet contracted the coronavirus. Photo: Getty
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Donald Trump and his staff will undergo daily testing amid concern over the President’s level of exposure to the coronavirus after his personal valet returned a positive result.

People working around the US President at the White House have already been having weekly tests, according to Mr Trump.

“No matter what you do, testing is not a perfect art. So we test once a week,” he said.

“Now we’re going to get tested once a day. But even when you test once a day somebody could, something happens where they get something.”

Coronavirus deaths in the US have topped 73,000, with more than 1.2 million infections.

In a statement, spokesman Hogan Gidley said the President and Vice-President Mike Pence had since tested negative for the virus and remained in great health.

The valet, an unidentified serving member of the US Navy, is part of an elite military unit assigned to the White House to protect and aid the President and his immediate family.

They are responsible for Mr Trump’s food and drinks and act as a special chauffeur, travelling with him if he leaves the White House.

Personal valets have also been known to become confidants of past US presidents because they develop what few others do – an inside view to the leaders’ personal lives.

“I’ve had very little contact with this gentleman. Know who he is, good person … Yeah it’s a little bit strange, but it’s one of those things,” said Mr Trump.

A self-confessed germaphobe, Mr Trump has regular contact with aides who he has previously chastised for coughing or sneezing around him.

According to CNN, people in the White House tend to not comply with social distancing rules and few staffers, including valets, wear masks during the day.

Mr Trump was reportedly upset when he learned that this particular valet had contracted the coronavirus.
Earlier this week he said those who worked closely around him regularly got tested for the coronavirus and so he had no concerns about becoming ill.
“The test result comes back in five minutes, and we have great testing. Or they wouldn’t be allowed to travel with me,” Mr Trump said before boarding Air Force One.
“It’s not my choice; it’s a very strong group of people that want to make sure they are tested, including Secret Service,” he said.
He was headed to a Honeywell plant in Arizona, saying “if it’s a mask environment, I would have no problem” wearing a mask.
When he arrived he put on goggles but chose not to wear a mask despite there being a sign clearly stipulating that they were “required in this area”.

US unemployment rises

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a further 3.2 million Americans to lose their jobs, according to the latest figures from the US labor department.
They had all applied for unemployment benefits just last week, bringing the total number of unemployed people in the seven weeks since the pandemic began to 33 million.
This has plunged the US economy into a deep recession that economists fear will last for years.
In March, the unemployment rate was at close to a 50-year low, at 4.4 per cent. Predictions suggest it now could be as much as 20 per cent.
A separate report by large payroll processor ADP said more than 20 million jobs were eliminated in April, at least temporarily.

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