News World Chelsea Manning to be freed from jail

Chelsea Manning to be freed from jail

chelsea manning
Chelsea Manning insists the leaking of intelligence files was a patriotic act. Photo: ABC
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A US federal judge has ordered that former US Army soldier and WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning be immediately released from prison.

In 2010, while serving as an Army intelligence analyst in Iraq, Manning shared with WikiLeaks thousands of classified State and Defense Department cables.

She was sentenced to 35 years in a military prison but was released by President Barack Obama after seven years behind bars.

Manning was subsequently remanded for refusing to testify in an inquiry into Wikileaks and had been in detention in Virginia since last May.

An entry in the US District Court docket in Alexandria, Virginia, signed by Judge Anthony Trenga also rejected a request by Manning to cancel fines which he had imposed for her refusal to testify and ordered instead that a judgment be entered against her for $US256,000, the total amount of accrued fines.

A detention hearing for Manning scheduled for Friday was cancelled.

On Thursday it was revealed that Manning had attempted to take her own life in the detention centre in which she is incarcerated.

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