News World Air mattresses take flight after wind rips through outdoor cinema

Air mattresses take flight after wind rips through outdoor cinema

Coloradans were left to watch on in awe as dozens of airborne mattresses careered through their neighbourhood. Photo: YouTube
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We’ve all been inspired by dreams of flying carpets during our childhood, but for Denver, Colorado moviegoers, those thoughts have turned – somewhat – into reality, following a mass migration of flying mattresses.

Organisers of the four-night outdoor Bed Cinema were left to rue their choice of furniture, after a strong gust picked them up and carried them through the neighbourhood.

Footage posted by local man Robb Manes shows dozens of mattresses tumbling through Runway 35 park, with several bystanders trying, and failing, to catch the airborne army.

Manes, who witnessed it all from a public swimming pool, fittingly dubbed the comical event the ‘Great Mattress Migration of 2019’.

“We were just sitting in the pool and all of a sudden, two mattresses flew in,” he told the Denver Post.

“Although we felt really bad for the event people, we thought it was absolutely hilarious.”

According to the Post, as many as 100 mattresses were assembled for the open-air event.

The video, originally posted on August 17, has now garnered more than 250,000 views on YouTube.

But the footage has also taken flight on other social media platforms, with some ingenious Twitter users adding their personal touch.

Take this Jurassic Park-tinged take, where Sam Neill watches in awe as an uncontrollable flock of mattresses rolls into view.

Other users opted to set the footage to a new backing track, adding to the hilarity of the flying mattresses.

And for those wondering about what movie was to screen later that night?

No, it wasn’t Gone With The Wind, nor The Wizard of Oz – but 1980s classic Back to the Future.

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