News World British MP’s media adviser resigns in flurry of tweets

British MP’s media adviser resigns in flurry of tweets

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A British MP has learned one particularly sage online lesson the hard way, after leaving control of his Twitter account in the hands of a disgruntled staffer.

Independent Jared O’Mara’s official Twitter account became a viral sensation when his communications manager of eight weeks, Gareth Arnold, used it to fire a blistering parting shot at his boss.

In a lengthy string of tweets, Mr Arnold initially branded Mr O’Mara as ‘the most disgustingly morally bankrupt person [he] ever had the displeasure of working with’.

He then settled for a more blunt assessment: ‘Selfish, degenerate prick.’

Mr Arnold later suggested the member for the seat of Sheffield Hallam “wasted opportunities which people dare not to even dream of”, and accused him of failing to advocate for his neediest constituents.

He then bookended the thread by calling for Mr O’Mara’s resignation, and signed off with a microphone drop.

Mr O’Mara formerly represented Britain’s Labour Party, before resigning in July 2018 over a slew of alleged misogynistic and homophobic online comments.

The now-independent MP has since deleted his former worker’s Twitter outburst, but has yet to publicly respond to the comments.

Mr Arnold later continued his tirade on his own Twitter feed, suggesting it was ‘the only way to go about’ resigning.

“He has just messaged me and he pays that little attention to anything that he’s not even seen the tweet all of his constituents have. Unbelievable,” Mr Arnold wrote.

Local news outlet The Yorkshire Post reported in April that Mr O’Mara had shut down his local office for a month after his entire workforce either walked from their jobs or were fired.

The MP was then reportedly unable to respond to phone calls or correspond with community members for around a month.

Mr O’Mara says he hopes to stand for re-election despite his controversies.

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