News World Here’s what got Trump fired up in extraordinary 24-hour Twitter tirade

Here’s what got Trump fired up in extraordinary 24-hour Twitter tirade

US President Donald Trump sent off a series of tweets over the weekend in one of his strangest tirades yet. Photo: Getty
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While most people in the United States were likely fast asleep on Sunday night, President Donald Trump was using his spare time to carry out a bizarre Twitter rant, forgoing shut-eye to fire off a tweet almost every hour over 24 hours.

Between early Sunday morning and Monday afternoon, the president fired off a series of tweets attacking everything from “not funny/no talent” skit shows to “low IQ individuals”.

When not trolling unsuspecting victims late at night, Mr Trump was throwing his support behind broadcasters accused of sexism and racism or having a go at the “fake news” media.

Here’s a breakdown of some of his key tweets:

3.59am, Sunday, March 17 (EST)

Mr Trump threatens to have Saturday Night Live and other late-night talk shows investigated by a federal agency for criticising him “over & over” without mentioning “the other side”. He even suggests collusion with “the Democrats and, of course, Russia!”

4.41am, Sunday, March 17 (EST)

Mr Trump accuses the late Senator John McCain of sending the FBI the Steele dossier before the election.

The Steele dossier, compiled by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, alleges the existence of a conspiracy between Mr Trump and the Russian government during his 2016 electoral campaign.

5.18am, Sunday, March 17 (EST)

Mr Trump urges Fox News to reinstate controversial host Jeanine Pirro, after she was recently suspended for making Islamophobic comments on air, which include questioning the patriotism of Muslim Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar.

5.45am, Sunday, March 17 (EST)

Mr Trump calls on Fox News to “fight hard for” Tucker Carlson, who has lost advertisers on his show for making a number of sexist and racist comments.

2.27pm, Sunday, March 17 (EST)

Mr Trump slams American car manufacturing company General Motors for closing its plant in Lordstown, Ohio. The closure, in which about 1500 workers lost their jobs, was announced in November as part of a major restructure.

3.16pm, Sunday, March 17 (EST)

Mr Trump alleges the Democrats tried to “steal a Presidential Election” and labels it the “biggest scandal in the history of our country”.

6.04pm, Sunday, March 17 (EST)

And then this old chestnut.

3.37am, Monday, March 18 (EST)

Mr Trump returns to slamming General Motors and the United Automobile Workers union over the closure of the Lordstown car manufacturing plant. He calls on them to “get that big, beautiful plant in Ohio open now”.

3.55am, Monday, March 18 (EST)

Mr Trump boasts a high approval rating.

5.14am, Monday, March 18 (EST)

Mr Trump mocks former vice president Joe Biden for accidentally stumbling his words and almost announcing a 2020 bid for the White House in a speech in Delaware.

5.38am, Monday, March 18 (EST)

Mr Trump accuses the media of blaming him for Friday’s shocking terrorist attack that killed 50 Muslim worshippers in Christchurch. The attack on two mosques was allegedly carried out by a self-proclaimed white supremacist from New South Wales.

2.29pm, Monday, March 18 (EST)

Mr Trump then pointed out that the “fake news media” didn’t like to report on his generosity after he again donated his presidential salary to federal departments.

That donation was part of a 2016 election pledge, one he has kept each year since he took office.

But it seems some promises are made to be broken. Perhaps none more so than this one from a media interview the same year.