News World Donald Trump’s unique challenge – boarding Air Force One

Donald Trump’s unique challenge – boarding Air Force One

Message from Donald Trump: The answer is blowing in the wind. Photo: YouTube
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Donald Trump’s bizarre inability to break down his umbrella on the weekend has become the latest metaphor for a presidency that seems to find even boarding an aeroplane a challenge.

The fact Mr Trump continues to make headlines simply by catching transportation has surely been one of the more amusing aspects of the US President’s tenure.

His latest effort appeared to show he has little idea how to operate an umbrella, opting instead to drop it at the cabin door and walk away.

It was left swirling in the wind on live TV, until an aide came and successfully broke it down to be brought inside.

Umbrella-gate came hot on the heels (sorry) of Mr Trump’s most famous arrival at Air Force One, when he trailed toilet paper up the steps while on his way to a Make America Great Again Rally in Minnesota.

For many opposed to Mr Trump’s policies it was a true karmic moment and raised the question “why didn’t anyone tell him?”

Then there’s the ‘Hair Force One’ moment of February 2018 when the plane’s engines famously gave us an unvarnished view of the President’s biggest secret – his follicly challenged scalp.

On a windy tarmac, Mr Trump’s hair flipped up to reveal a Darth Vader-esque noggin, proving as Vader famously said on the dying Death Star – ”you were right”, he is bald.

Unfortunately, it seems the President doesn’t fare any better when heading the other way – down the stairs

In May 2017, with reports of tension in the Trumps’ marriage, the President attempted to hold his wife Melania’s hand, but was stymied when she instead tried to remove her hair from her face.

Suddenly those Flying High movies don’t seem so funny.

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