News World Footage shows moment Mexican plane crashed

Footage shows moment Mexican plane crashed

The Aeromexico flight minutes after it crashed on Tuesday. Photo: You Tube/Ashley Garcia
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Dramatic footage has emerged from inside the Mexican plane that crashed seconds after takeoff on Tuesday.

The footage, shot by passenger Ashley Garcia, shows the Aeromexico flight taking off in Durango in rainy weather.

The plane appears to struggle to leave the ground before crashing moments later. Panicked passengers are heard screaming as they frantically look for the exits.

“I got off the plane, I saw people, their face gushing blood, they had cut lips,” Mr Garcia said.

I know some kids got like burns, like actual burns.”

Mexican officials have told CBS News that the Embraer 190 plane descended abruptly as it tried to take off, possibly due to a severe gust of wind. The left wing appeared to hit the ground before the plane came to a stop nearly 300 metres from the runway.

The impact ripped both engines off the plane, and fires broke out in the wings.

All 103 people on board survived the crash, although many had broken bones and burns. Chicago priest Esequiel Sanchez was among the injured.

“I think because we lost velocity, the plane didn’t flip over. We were able to get out, and my respects to the crew. They did a great job helping everybody get out,” he told CBS News.

Aviation experts also credited improved plane construction for the survival of the 99 passengers and four crew on board.

Watch the video here

(Warning: Graphic images and language advisory)

Another survivor, Alberto Herrera, said he still found it hard to believe what had happened.

“First thing I did was drink a big, big, big shot of tequila, I’m not going to lie,” he said. “Because I just fell from the sky and I am here to live and talk about it.”

Mr Herrerra said passengers had boarded the flight from Durango to Mexico City in sunshine and fine conditions. But the weather quickly changed.

“When we were sitting on the plane there was a little drizzle, but nothing to worry about,” he said.

“As soon as [we] start taking off … the plane starts struggling and it’s getting hit with hail. The higher up we went into the storm, the heavier the hail got and more wind got to us.”

Mr Garcia’s video also shows the immediate aftermath of the crash, as panicked passengers escape the downed plane. They then walk across a muddy field to the runway to wait for emergency services.

Durango state Governor Jose Aispuro said everyone on board made it off the plane safely, though the pilot was one of the most severely injured. No one had life-threatening injuries, he said.

Mexico’s Transport Department will investigate the cause of the accident, with assistance from the US National Transportation Safety Board. The plane’s manufacturer will also be involved.

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