News World Beaten but unbowed, Hillary Clinton rails against Trump and Putin

Beaten but unbowed, Hillary Clinton rails against Trump and Putin

Hillary Clinton calls on Americans to manifest disgust with Donald Trump at the ballot box in November. Photo: AP/John Nacion
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Hillary Clinton wanted the crowd at New York’s Ozyfest to know two things: Russian hackers are still trying to attack the US electoral system, and there’s no more meaningful form of protest against the Trump administration than going to the polls in November.

Clinton touched a wide range of topics on Saturday afternoon during her Q&A session.

The Clinton conversation was the main event on the first day of the two-day festival in Central Park that bills itself as part think tank, part food fair, and music festival.

Clinton said the depth of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election became clear after intelligence agencies did their post-mortem reviews.

“This was a very broad and unfortunately successful cyber attack on our electoral system,” Clinton said.

“We also know they have been probing and gathering information about critical infrastructure,” she said, citing the nation’s electrical grid, airline traffic, water systems and nuclear power plants.

“They’re still looking for ways to steal information about voter registration,” she added.

“The Russians are still at it. They’re using agents and bots and all kinds of means of trying to create dissension. We have to reject that.”

Clinton said the fact that Russia has not faced significant sanctions for its actions in the US will only enable other hostile regimes that engage in cyber attacks, namely China, North Korea, and Iran.

“The great mystery is why the President hasn’t spoken up for our country.”

“Somehow we are not sure where our own President stands. It is deeply disturbing,” she said.

“The best way to deal with that is to vote in November.”

Clinton described her past experiences with Putin during her meetings with him and President Barack Obama during her tenure 2009-2013 tenure as Secretary of State. She said he is unfailingly “aggressive” and always comes in with a specific agenda.

“As a former KGB spy he is quite adept at reading people and understanding how to manipulate them,” she said.

Mrs Clinton decried the Russian’s state’s use of violence, extortion, bribes and more to achieve Putin’s goals.

“The whole ‘active measures’ tool kit has been used by him,” she charged.