News World Tasty mess as chocolate spill closes Polish highway

Tasty mess as chocolate spill closes Polish highway

Tons of liquid milk chocolate on the road after the spill in Poland. AAP
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Tons of liquid milk chocolate has spilled and blocked six lanes of a highway in Poland after a truck transporting it overturned near Slupca.

The sticky, if tasty, mess has been a hit on social media, after the 12 tons of chocolate sludge blocked lanes in both directions on the A2 motorway.

The New York Times reported local authorities saying the mess would take some time to clean-up after the chocolate hardened in the spring sunshine.

“We have to remove the truck from the highway first,” local police officer Marlena Kukawka told the newspaper. “It will take a few hours or more.”

Firefighters were using streams of hot water to melt the chocolate and wash away the mess, Ms Kukawka said.

A firefighter attending the scene, Bogdan Kowalski, said the cooling chocolate was harder to remove than snow or oil.

“Even oil stains are quicker and easier to remove than smeared chocolate,” Mr Kowalski told Time magazine.

The chocolate was so thick in some areas that heavy machinery was brought in to scoop up the mess.

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