News World Vladimir Putin’s long, long, long, long walk to power

Vladimir Putin’s long, long, long, long walk to power

Vladimir Putin
The Russian President's long march went through corridors, in a limousine, across cobblestones and down a red carpet. Photo: EPA
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Russian President Vladimir Putin took a long walk to his inauguration and another six years in power at the Kremlin.

The footage of his presidential march originally ran longer than five minutes, so we’ve sped it up for you.

Watch below:

It starts with Mr Putin sitting at his desk before he gets a call which sets the very, very long walk in motion.

Mr Putin strides through the corridors of what appears to be his office, at one point appears to look at his reflection and then walks on past a man who is saluting.

After leaving his office, Mr Putin gets into a limousine and heads to the Grand Kremlin Palace … and then the walk continues.

He makes his way down a red carpet that could rival the Oscars, and is greeted with applause by a packed crowd before finally arriving at the stage.

Footage of his inauguration journey raised a few eyebrows on social media:

But there were also fans of the lengthy stroll:

And while the some people had questions about the walk, one person had an explanation: