News World Police dashcam footage captures fiery house explosion

Police dashcam footage captures fiery house explosion

1524122Police dashcam footage shows moment house explodes
Police dashcam footage shows moment house explodes.
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A police car dashboard camera has captured the moment a huge explosion engulfed a house and blew it to pieces earlier this month in Hurst, a city in the US state of Texas.

The video footage shows police officers responding to reports a vehicle had driven into the front of the house about 1pm on April 7.

According to police, they were making contact with the driver of the vehicle when a fiery explosion engulfed the property.

Officer Travis Hiser was reportedly one of the police respondents to calls of a vehicle hitting the house.

“I did feel a giant wave of heat push over my right side. I could see a lot of orange and flames before I shut my eyes,” he told local media.

After the explosion, Hurst police said officers could hear screaming in the house and broke through the back door to rescue three people in the burnt wreckage of the property.

Three occupants of the property were taken to hospital, but were reportedly in a stable condition and expected to recover.

Two police officers were treated for minor injuries they received in the blast, and one was transported to hospital for evaluation.

The driver of the vehicle that collided with the house was unhurt, and he was arrested for traffic offences.

Local media later reported that the vehicle that hit the house had severed a gas line with the impact.